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NOEMA Project for High SchoolNOEMA Project for High School

    The high School age goes from the ages of 16-18 years.

    The high school centre consists of a building that houses six classrooms, media classroom, arts studio, technological room, plastics, music room biology-geology room, and chemistry and physics laboratories.

    The aim at this stage is to provide the students with intellectual education and maturity, the knowledge and skills so that they can develop social skills and be integrated into an active life with responsibility and competence. This will also help them achieve access to higher education.

    High school means that they have achieved independence for studying and personal motivation and therefore does not require the same level of continuous assessment as in the upper school.

    The two alternative Courses that Valdeserra offers are:

  • Science and technology.
  • Human and social science.

    The aim in the High school is the following:

  • Personal and social maturity, to act responsibly and independently with good judgement. To prevent and solve any kind of personal, social or family conflict.
  • Continuous reading and studying habits as necessary to take advantage of learning as a mean to personal development.
  • To be fluent in the Spanish language (Reading and writing).
  • To be fluent in expression in English.
  • Use responsibly media and communication technologies to solve problems.
  • Know and value reality in the contemporary world, its historical origin and the main factors as to evolution.
  • Achieve technological and scientific knowledge as well as the basic skills of the alternative course chosen.
  • Understand the essential elements to research and scientific method.
  • Solidify challenging spirit through creativity, flexibility, initiative, collective work self confidence and critical sense.
  • To Develop artistic and literacy sensitiveness so to ascertain criteria for educational resources and cultural enrichment.
  • To use physical education and sport to enhance personal and social development.

    In the High School our bilingual plan is aimed so that we make use of English as a mean of teaching- learning through other subjects, as long as it not detrimental to their performance in Spanish. A second foreign language (German) is also taught as a curricular subject.

    The Educational Project for High School follows these programmes:

  • Preparation for access to university.
  • Professional assistance.
  • Independence in learning skills.
  • Learning through personal research, acquisition of scientific habits and attitude to work.
  • Media and communication technologies applied to their work.


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