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    Our school offers Bilingualism (The ability to write and speak two languages fluently).

    The teaching of other languages is an important feature in our school. We have chosen English as it is the most internationally used language. English is the language used for most sciences and new technologies. Therefore we feel that English is a necessary tool for greater personal growth and a better way forward for the future careers and future professional life of our students.

    During the infant years we will take the ability of young students who are more readily able to absorb learning and use this sensitive period in their development to further their natural ability to speak in other languages. Young children think nothing of switching from their mother tongue to another language.

    In the primary school, upper school and high school sections of the school we will also be using English to teach other subjects (as long as their Spanish language is not suffering) as this helps the student cope better with the two linguistic codes. This also helps his/her capabilities in all learning tasks (as they are able to differentiate between different tasks more quickly) therefore making the brain more active and readily available to cope and problem solve.

    The school will be offering examinations in English in conjunction with the Trinity college of London (with 12 levels of examination) and those of Cambridge university ( YLE, KET, PET, FCE, FALLS, CPE).

    We will be offering other languages from the primary years upwards as a complementary activity. German will be included in the subjects from the first year of the upper school. A third language (French) will be offered as part of our extra curricular activities.


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