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    Colegio Valdeserra understands that integral education is the final objective in educative performance, so in our education project we have included the education in moral values as they play an important role.

    The Education in Valdeserra is dedicated to make students people with a high capacity to use their freedom responsibly.

    In Human beings dignity is to learn how to value without distinction race, religion, sex, physical or intellectual attributes. Respect for one another, hard work, work well done, the care of things, critical spirit, justice, loyalties, sincerity, and joy- all of these things are purposeful for a school environment.

    Children, teenagers and young people need clear models in order to shape his/her behaviour. The school is well aware of this and is intending to ask the parents to join us in our Educational project in values. This way we guarantee that our students will find coherence and unity in the circulation of rules and values that we seek.

    During the present year, activities will be carried out by promoting values such as Respect and Effort. Each quarter we will insist on the following values added:

  • First quarter: Enthusiasm and Union.
  • Second quarter: Invention and Diversity.
  • Third quarter: Constancy and Humility.


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