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ASTER Project for Infant SchoolASTER Project for Infant School

     The educational stage for the infants is aged between 0-6 years of age.

     The infant school is an independent building within our complex with 12 classrooms and a multiple use classroom (similar to a school hall) and an independent play ground.

    The aim for this stage is to contribute to the childs development by encouraging physical, intellectual, linguistic and social awareness. To guide them how to get along with others through expression and communication.

    Our aims for the Infant stage:

  • To Learn about his/her body and others, to respect the differences in other people.
  • To teach the child about observation in his or her familiar surroundings and to observe his/her natural and social environment.
  • Acquire progressive independence in every day activities.
  • Develop affective capacity.
  • To develop the ability to relate with others and achievesocial problem solving skills in living and social situations.
  • To develop communication skills in different languages and through expression.
  • To start the basic mathematical, reading, writing and fine motor skills.

    These are founded on:

  • Making learning fun so that learning is seen as fun.
  • Information of abilities as a foundation to build the cognitive and social-emotional skills.
  • Independence as this encourages responsibility and freedom.

     These work methods are based on experiences, activities and play and are applied in a trusting and affectionate environment. This empowers the childs self esteem and social integration.

     The educational contents at this stage are divided into five fields from experience and early development through global activities being interesting and meaningful to the child.

  • Knowledge and control of their own body.
  • To discover the environment around them and togetherness.
  • Creation of language and communication skills.
  • Numerical representation.
  • Artistic creation and creativity.

    All of these substances are achieved by our bilingual plan this enables the child to absorb English as well as reinforcing Spanish.

    Our Teachers are all qualified in Infant education and are native Spanish/English speakers.

    The Educational Project for infant education follows these guidelines:

  • Absorption in the English language.
  • Early detection of learning difficulties and solutions.
  • Key skills in Reading and writing early on.
  • Meaningful learning.
  • Logical mathematical problem solving.
  • Early Computer (IT) skills.
  • Affection and trust.
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