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    Over an area of 15,863 sq. meters, the school is arranged according to the different educational stages.

    In the Infants educational wing (for children up to 6 years) we have created a single ground floor area, with its own play ground and environment and space suitable for this age group, this is to give our smallest students the independence and safety they require.

    In another two wings we will accommodate the workshops and studios (to cover subjects from music, arts and technology) the library, science laboratories, information technology, seminar rooms, support rooms, and three classrooms per level. One wing will accommodate the primary aged students (aged 6 to 12 years) and other wing will accommodate the upper school and high school students (12 to 18 years).

    There is a central area with access from all wings for the ancillary services within the School; in this area you will find the Head Teacher, management, parents reception rooms, secretaries, administration staff and meeting rooms.

    There is ample space at the Valdeserra School with play/recreational grounds, indoor sports hall, outdoor athletic tracks and dining rooms. These vast grounds give our students the safe, clean environment that they require to grow into respectable educated young adults.

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