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DEDALO Project for Upper SchoolDEDALO Project for Upper School

    The educational stage for the upper School children is between 12- 18 years.

    The Upper school is located in a building which contains 12 classrooms, the media science classroom, art studio, Technology workshop, plastics, music room, the science laboratories.

    The objective for this stage is to get students to obtain the basic elements required for culture mainly its humanities, artistic scientific and technological aspects. To develop and consolidate studying habits and prepare students for further studies within education and their working life. Educational and professional assistance will be taken into account.

    The Purpose at this stage is designed to:

  • To assume with responsibility their duties and rights towards others. Practice tolerance, cooperation and solidarity between other members of their groups.
  • Develop and consolidate habits of self discipline, study as an individual and as part of a team when necessary in a logical sequence to aid the learning process and as a means of self fulfilment.
  • Value and respect other genders, equal rights and opportunities.
  • Reinforce affective capacity in all aspects of personality and in their relationships to others.
  • Develop basic skills in gathering information to reach a critical knowledge level and to also acquire elementary knowledge of newer technologies in media and communication.
  • Assume scientific knowledge as something integrated and structured under different levels, to identify problems in different fields of knowledge and experience.
  • Develop a challenging spirit and self confidence, participation, a critical attitude, personal initiative and the capacity to learn how to learn, planning and taking decisions and assuming responsibilities.
  • Understand and express correctly complex texts and messages in the Spanish language, be it oral or written to gain grounding in reading and literature.
  • Understand and express correctly be it oral or written in the English language.
  • Know how to respect the basic aspect of own culture and history as well as that of others, including artistic and cultural inheritance.
  • Know and accept the bodys functions and that of others Respect the differences, reinforce healthy habits including sports and physical education to enhance personal and social development. To know and value human sexuality in all of its diversities, to know and value the social habits from health and diet, the care of other living beings and the natural environment and taking part in improvement.
  • Enjoy artistic creativity and understand the expression of different artistic forms, using diverse means to do so.


    In this stage we put special emphasis on attention to diversity of students, individual attention and prevention of learning difficulties, and in so doing the school will provide all of the measures that take into account the different paces of learning. Emphasising the capacity to self learning and encouraging collective work.

    The school will provide support lessons for those who, for any reason are unable to achieve the academic standards in any subject. By doing so will promote the ability skills and knowledge that some students may not achieve at the same pace as their fellow classmates.

    In the upper school our bilingual plan is aimed so that we make use of English as a mean of teaching-learning through other subjects, as long as it not detrimental to their performance in Spanish. A second foreign language (German) is also taught as a curricular subject.

     The Upper school educational project follows these guidelines:

  • To learn how to study, putting in strategies for learning in the academic field.
  • Development of habits and attitudes to studies.
  • The shaping of goodwill in adolescence.
  • To learn a second foreign language (German).
  • To learn how to think through literature (Literacy club).
  • Learning through personal research, acquisition of correct attitude and habits regarding scientific work.
  • Media and communication technologies used for education.


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